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Cloud based live stream production

Mix live in the cloud and send to multiple platforms. No cables - no stress.

Receive and Monitor

Each Cloudmix event can receive up to four live stream sources.

Log into your Cloudmix account from anywhere to monitor all the streams.

Give your on-site operators confidence that everything looks and sounds good - and help them troubleshoot as required.

Graphic Overlay

Create and Produce

Create your final production offsite. Your director or producer ‘back at base’ can switch your broadcast from within the Cloudmix interface. Switch live sources with sub-second latency, insert pre-recorded video packages or advertisements, have image slates on standby, and add graphic overlays.

Cloudmix also makes it simple to mix multiple audio channels from your live sources into your final output. Adding remote sports commentary or Zoom interviews from a different location is easy and effective.

Distribute and Clip


Choose to distribute your live broadcast feeds as SRT, RTMP or HLS to unlimited simultaneous destinations.


You can also on-pass any of your inputs directly to an end destination. Stream a static wide shot of a sports game to analysts, while simultaneously producing and streaming a multi-camera feed for fans.


Cloudmix is optimised for extreme low latency, with total video processing time of just under 1 second. Cloudmix also allows you to easily clip live-to-vod highlights from your streams in real time. These recordings can be quickly and easily posted to social media, OTT services - or delivered directly to clients.

Highlight Clipping


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