Receive, switch and distribute streams across the globe


Cloudmix is a cloud-based MCR and Presentation tool - for advanced live stream production, monitoring, and distribution.

Cloudmix is built on the premise of 'always on' stream output. Even if your incoming encoder suffers hardware or network failure, Cloudmix will seamlessly switch to a pre-defined holding slate or you can take control and switch to a backup encoded feed or pre-recorded VOD asset.

Your output stream will never stop.

Cloudmix is able to receive up to 4 RTMP input streams, that can be monitored with sub-second latency. Incoming streams can then be re-encoded at ultra low latency, and streamed to selected end points.

This means a client can send a single, high bitrate live stream that is then re-encoded to multiple variations for delivery on multiple platforms.

Switch the output Cloudmix to any of the incoming RTMP streams (either acting as primary / backup, or different camera angle). Slates and pre-recorded videos can also be inserted into the output stream.

Cloudmix has ability for a web-based graphic layer to be added over the top of the output stream. This is useful for adding scores, watermarks, or other graphic elements to the production.

If there is a data feed available, we partner with LIGR to enable real time scoreboards, clocks and production elements generated from on-site data.


Cloudmix can also generate archival recordings of input and output streams, and cut realtime highlight clips from streams.

Our roadmap also includes support for:

  • SCTE-35 advertising markers HLS origin and CDN
  • HLS origin and configurations
  • 608/708 closed caption embedding.


Cloudmix lets broadcasters remotely produce and distribute live streams.


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